Microbox 0,5 L x 100

Microbox 0,5 L x 100

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Volume: 560ml

Please mention your option (gamma-sterile or not) each time you order microboxes.
The gamma-sterile Microbox not be re-used.
The not gamma-sterile Microbox, can be re-used 7 to 10 times (autoclavable at 121*C)

* The Microbox is a clear polypropylene box, equipped with a hermetically closing polypropylene cover.
* The cover is made of crystal-clear plastic, and provided with a filter battery.
* Each filter battery consists of a double row of filter wicks, i.e. micro-channels filled with hydrophobic filtering material.

Adjustable gas exchange: this occurs by means of depth filtration through the numerous filter wicks. The length of these filter wicks can be adapted to the needs of the plant species being grown, thus avoiding vitrification.

No danger of infection: the wicks are made of resilient filter material, which forms a perfect barrier against pests and contamination. The Microbox makes aseptic growing spaces unnecessary.

Transparency: the transparency of the plastic film, in combination with the narrow filter strips, enables optimal visual quality control.

* Temperature resistance: both container and filter retain their properties between -5°C and +135°C (23°F and 275°F), and can be autoclaved several times.
* Recyclable: 100%, vessel and filter are both made of polypropylene.



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